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Nittany Lion Wrestling Club

NLWC Youth Rec Program  

The TEWC will pay for Tyrone wrestlers to attend any of the NLWC programs.  We do this partly through the parents volunteering to work tables for the State College Tournament that takes place in February/March and the other part by fundraising.  You can register at the NLWC practice and indicate Tyrone Wrestling on the form.

The NLWC Youth Rec Program will be starting in less than 2 weeks on Tuesday, Nov. 1st.  The session will run from 6-7:00 pm in the Penn State Wrestling room.  You can register and pay on-line under the YOUTH AND SCHOLASTIC PROGRAM tab at the Club's website,, or you can register and pay at the door.  A brief description of the program is below.  If you have any questions about the program, please contact Mark McKnight at or Dave Hart at

***Youth Rec Program (November 1 - December 3)

Time:      Tuesdays, 6:00pm-7:00pm

Saturdays, 9:00am-10:00am

Age:        Grades K-6 (Beginning Wrestlers)

Cost:       $60 *Each participant gets a NLWC Youth Rec Program T-shirt.

Description: Wrestling is a great foundation for all sports. It teaches the fundamental skills (balance, hand eye coordination, footwork, strength, etc.) necessary for any other physical activity. This recreational program is non-competitive. It will focus on exposing your child to wrestling and these basic skills, setting the groundwork for future sports and activities. Our goal is to ensure they have a fun and a positive first experience with the sport. We want the kids leaving the program excited about wrestling.  More advanced wrestlers looking for additional opportunities beyond the Youth Rec Program should register for the NLWC Elite Elementary Program.


Coaches for NLWC Scholastic Programs 

NLWC Scholastic Coach, Mark McKnight, will be directing these programs.  He will be assisted by NLWC Resident Athletes Nico Megaludis, Jordan Conaway, Franklin Gomez, Frank Molinaro, Morgan McIntosh, David Taylor, and Jake Varner. 

Also helping with these programs will be the wrestlers from the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program who train with the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club.  This includes Matt Brown, Vladysav Dombrosky, Moza Fay, and Victor Terrel. 


Local high school coaches will be assisting with the Breakfast Club Programs.  Adam Lynch, and NLWC Regional Training Center Coaches Cody Sanderson, Casey Cunningham, and Cael Sanderson will be helping with the Fitness and Balance and Youth Rec Programs. John Fritz and Dave Hart will be helping with all of the Club's programs.   


To learn more about the NLWC Resident Athletes/Youth Coaches, please visit the Club's website at  These are the top wrestlers and coaches in the world, and they are also great at working with and developing young wrestlers!


Registration/Pay for Youth Rec and Elite Elementary  

You can register and pay on-line at for the Youth Rec and Elite Elementary Programs, or you can pay at the door when you come to a practice.  Printable release forms (which will save time if you complete and bring with you to your first practice) are also available on-line. 


Registration/Pay for Breakfast Club

You can just register/pay at the door when you come to practice.  Registration and on-line pay is not available for this program.  Printable release forms (which will save you time if you complete and bring with you to the first practice) are available at the Club's website.  There is also a team membership available for this programs. 


***Elite Elementary Program

Fall Session (Nov. 16-Dec. 19) and Winter Session (January 4 - Feb. 27)

Time:     Mondays, 6:00pm-7:30pm

             Wednesday, 6:00pm-7:30pm

Age:        Grades 3-6 (Experienced Wrestlers)

Cost:       $100 for Fall Session and $100 for Winter Session-$200 for both sessions.  
     *Each participant gets a NLWC T-shirt.

     *The 1st practice is free for those who want to check it out before signing up for a session.
     *If paying on a per practice basis, the cost is $20 per practice.

Description: This program is designed for experienced elementary wrestlers who are ready to transition from practices/programs such as the Youth Rec Program into more structured workouts. These practices will include technique, drilling, wrestling, and conditioning situations that are designed for the elementary level. To participate in these practices, wrestlers must be ready to handle this training. This program is geared toward the more advanced and competitive elementary wrestler. As these wrestlers develop through this comprehensive program, the foundation will be laid for them to improve to the highest level of competition.


***Winter Breakfast Club (January 8-February 12)

Time:      Sundays, 8:30am - 10:00am

Age:        Jr. High and Sr. High Wrestlers

Cost:       $10/workout (individual). Team Rate=$200.

Description: The goal of our Breakfast Club practices is to provide a hard workout. There is very little technique covered in these approximately 1 ½ hour practices. Although there is drilling and some conditioning, the main emphasis is on a lot of live wrestling, including technique situations, match situations, both short and long duration goes in certain positions, round robins, and live matches. The goal is to provide both an intense and a positive atmosphere where dedicated and hard-working workout partners make each other better.

Each year, we have many, many Breakfast Club wrestlers competing at the PIAA State Championships.


***Spring Freestyle Program

Coach McKnight plans to run a Spring Freestyle Program in 2017.  Information on this program will be provided at a later date.   

Nittany Lion Wrestling Club

Dave Hart, NLWC Business Manager/Director

(814) 574-7799

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